Gestora de eventos

Carmen Escobar

Founder – Marketing & Event Manager

Taranna Art is an initiative created with all the enthusiasm which counts on the collaboration of great professionals for development of events. 

Professionally, we believe that nothing beats the satisfaction of being able to do something you really love that is in harmony with the other enjoyable aspects of your life , while also achieving your objectives (some of us prefer to call them “dreams“). So, here we are, fulfilling one more dream, with a colossal desire to be able to help others do the same through our services.

 Taranna Art

Its main purpose, our purpose, is to help the client achieve the desired result, turning the idea of the event to be held into a reality.

The main tasks are design, planning, production, marketing and analysis of the required service. Each action to be carried out is defined in order to achieve the proposed objective.

Taranna Art

Taranna Art offers a totally personalized service adapted to the concept of the event, both on a private and business level and at national and international level. 

If you do not have a pre-established idea, proposals are offered in order to reach a consensus and, at all times, adapted to the available budget.

In the “Services” section you will find more information.

A bit about Us

We are all professionals with practical experience in several sectors, the industrial field and leisure activities, both nationally and internationally. We are used to managing internal resources and subcontracted companies simultaneously, guaranteeing the initial budget agreed with clients.

As strong point in our management work, we emphasize our solid communication skills, showing empathy and approachability, which strengthen the team’s commitment and help to meet the goals, aptitudes that perfectly complement our great sense of organization and order.

Our analytical skills make us experts in dealing with crisis situations, ensuring successful execution to achieve the set goal.

We are very sensitive to the motivation of both the team and ourselves, point that reinforce our capacity for constant learning and improvement, both personally and professionally.

In addition, we are characterized by our restless and creative search for constant improvement; basic elements that help us face all kinds of challenges.

We consider ourselves a team of enthusiasts and dreamers at the same time, which allows us to apply our most creative side, bringing innovation and vision to all the fields in which we have participated.

If you have any kind of doubt, we are at your disposal to clarify it.


Some of our Completed Projects

In reference to our experience, we have carried out services of events and marketing actions, both for individuals and companies.

Each new challenge is motivating for us!

Here you have some examples:



We have managed events involving DJs for themed parties in clubs in Barcelona, such as KGB, Salamandra Club or Bikini Club. 

(Ref: Hermitical Ahura – )

Taranna Funk


Management and organization of musical events; poster design, hiring musicians, event location and logistics, promotion, communication and supervision


(Ref.: TarannaFunk –



We have had the opportunity to collaborate in the development and management of ceremonies by providing detailed budgets with all the necessary services, searching for appropriate venues, managing the hiring of the necessary professionals (catering staff, photographers, beauticians, florists, bakers, etc.), with different themes; “rocker”, “traditional” and “local culture-based” weddings. All of them turned out perfectly!

The couples:
*Esther & Luís (

*Sonia & Ángel (

*Jordi & Miriam (



On a corporate level, we have experience of managing and organizing several Trade Fairs, having participated in events such as:

Biehm ( )


Hannover Messe ( )


Team Building


There are an infinite number of options to choose from. In this case, Diego chose to exercise in nature by taking his monitors climbing, with food service and rest in a beautiful farmhouse.

Ref: DFA – 

Diseño y edición


We have also made advertising designs, developed digital content and carried out digital marketing actions, both for events and for private companies.

(Ref: Diego Alarcón – 

Jorge Visart –

All our lived experience was what motivated us to start this project, with the help of a wide portfolio of contacts that allows us to achieve almost any goal that clients need.”


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