Communication & Marketing

To create Impact

This service aims to complement the entity’s Communication and Marketing management.

The communicative objective must include the identity, culture and corporate image of the company..

To this end, this service offers to manage the following events:

  • Promotional marketing: by holding, for example, product tasting events or free samples.
  • Press conferences: to announce an informative event by the company.
  • Road Shows: with the mission of spreading an interactive message and generating unique experiences in order to associate them with the brand/service.
  • Street Marketing: to help companies in the management of strategies and techniques executed in the public thoroughfare with the aim of creating a greater impact among consumers.
Comunicación y marketing

Digital Marketing


We also carry out Digital Marketing actions through advertising or commercial strategies executed in Internet media:

  • Inbound Marketing: digital strategy to attract users and transform them into customers by generating valuable content through the creation of a website or blog (or both). It is complemented by other digital actions such as Social Networks, forums, etc.
  • SEO or SEM positioning: useful tools to promote your website or blog in search engines and get visitors through organic positioning or paid search engine advertising campaigns. This action is considered basic in an online marketing strategy.
  • Digital Advertising: Ads (banners) of different sizes and formats (text, images, graphics, videos…) that take up space on the predetermined Internet sites in an attractive way.
  • Social Media: we are specialized in targeted online advertising campaigns, especially on Facebook and Instagram Ads, which aim to help businesses improve their online visibility and enhance the sale of their products or services over the internet. We also help those companies that already sell online and want to lower their purchase cost and increase their ROI (Return on Investment).

Of course, information and advice can also be requested without commitment. Our marketing professionals will be happy to help you.

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